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Red Hail

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I definitely enjoyed this book although I did find the happenings in the 1960s more engaging than the present.It worked very well as you were given little nuggets of information that the characters did not possess across the decades, enabling the reader to place a few pieces in the supernatural jigsaw puzzle but not so many that it spoiled your enjoyment or the ending.
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In a mirror-like future, three individuals start studying what is making this happen.The author described it as an "historical mystery sci-fi novel... Der Schrecksenmeister / Zamonien Bd.5 It felt well researched and well planned.That feeling of real answers seemed just around the corner and the frustration of not knowing had me turning page after page leading up to an ending that wrapped things up and gave me something to think about! Invasion - Blutfeind (2) The teenage heroine of the 1960 chapters is especially engaging, and her small-town world is vividly brought to life.These timelines dovetail nicely, driving the narrative through an unanticipated series of events that lead to an interesting endpoint. But this is the first of those that actually surprised me.

The pacing of the story is tuned to perfection, the action accelerating as we draw closer to uncovering the central mysteries.Events that transpired in 1960 are now happening in 2020 and professor Colin Ayers must figure out what is going on in order to save his partner Alonzo. Das Blut von London It was also good to see strong female characters in both the 1960 and 2020 elements of the story.The characters were likeable and engaging, leading the plot onward at a good pace. Mulans Töchter Her book scared the hell out of me.A portent or omen? Even one of the main characters is a bisexual man which you hardly ever see in books or films.