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Rich People Problems

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Note: This series must absolutely be read in order.I would like to think that if I ever became super rich, I would not lose all my sense of self-awareness, but who knows?
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It was an excellent addition (and ending, I think) to the series. Das Geschenk & Karlsbad tanzt A Chinese man in a pinstripe suit and a blond middle-aged lady in a black dress with a pale green shawl draped around her shoulders emerged next, followed by a cute fair-haired girl of about twelve.She has no flaws whatsoever, and what flaws do attempt to poke their heads out are ignored by the text. Rise of a Merchant Prince (The Serpentwar Saga, Book 2) But that often ends up with no work done but a lot of money received. He knows he did absolutely nothing to deserve his fortune, and so the only thing he can do is disparage others who have the audacity to make their own money.Note: This series must absolutely be read in order.

Rich People Problems is quite funny as it chronicles the over-the-top behavior of these people as they battle for an inheritance, social acceptance, love, and most of all, more money. Something Wicked I found most of the characters got the ending and closure they needed, although I definitely felt there was a lack of Nick and Rachel in the novel.The way everything came together in the end suggests this is the last installment in the series. Gamer Fantastic Eddie, in particular, reminded me very quickly of how much I hated him with his maneuvering to keep Nicky barred from entering the house. I am happy to say that I enjoyed it!What a blow to poor Eddie.

Meanwhile Kitty Pong, married to billionaire Jack Bing, finds a formidable opponent in his fashionista daughter, Colette. Broken Homes This one was less funny and more emotional but it was still an amazing read just in a different way.Kitty is still playing all angles, working to get all she deserves, (or thinks she does), while engaging in a battle of wills with her step-daughter. Du und ich und tausend Sterne über uns As with the previous installments, a little time has elapsed, meaning there have been a few changes since we last touched base with all these zany characters. Check it out for more reviews!Also, I thought Kitty Pong was crazy in the second book, and boy I was wrong.