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The Wild Rose of Kilgannon

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Alex refuses to go home in spite of missing his family and his home greatly.Since the ending leaves you hanging as the hero rides off to join the rebellion, I was eager to read the next book.
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The Wild Rose of Kilgannon by Kathleen Givens 1999-11-09

In her unforgettable novel Kilgannon, Kathleen Givens brought to vivid life the tempestuous romance of Mary Lowell, an English aristocrat, and the Scottish chieftain Alex MacGannon, who claimed her as his bride. Fantastic Stories of the Imagination #222 Givens does a nice job creating the atmosphere of Loch Gannon and of the clan.I did read Kilgannon about a month ago, and I liked a lot of things about it (my grade of the first book was a B-). (M) Ein guter Morgen in der goldenen Ära For the most part, it fits well with the first part of the story. Every time Mary and Alex see each other they are both aware that they may never see one another again, and they act accordingly.

Mary understands his reasons for leaving, but believes his decision is a poor one. Der Literaturexpress However,I was enthralled with the story and plugged away, despite the typos.God I love how this woman writes. Kampf oder Untergang! As the fires of war engulf Castle Kilgannon, beautiful Mary stands fast, protecting her family and home. As a defiant Alex is tried in London as a traitor, Mary unleashes her own campaign on London society, determined to win justice on the most dangerous battlefield of all.