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The Reverend may be modified to reflect ecclesiastical standing and rank.Any member of the priesthood who presides over a congregation can, and often is, known as "pastor" or (if an elder), "presiding elder".
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Pastor, however, is considered more correct in some churches when the minister in question is the head of a church or congregation.You got to walk it by yourself. Weapon of Mercy (Weapon of Flesh Series, #6) This was always assigned to an FNG as part of his indoc and I was now the old man of Primo. The Complete Works of Robert Boyle Similarly, a visiting Anglican Archbishop is "Your Grace.LDoceOnline English Dictionary (definition) (online ed. The American Mercury, Volume 10.

In British Methodism, ordained ministers can be either presbyters (ministers of word and sacrament) or deacons (ministers of witness and service).It is likewise incorrect to form the plural Reverends. Idioten - Fünf Märchen In England, however, even Roman Catholic priests were often referred to as "Mr" until the 20th century except when members of a religious order. The Fact of a Body When the style is used within a sentence, the is correctly in lower-case.Retrieved 12 October 2015. FSB Hill 4-11 Stories, The Death of "The Reverend" Mr.