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The Space Between the Stars

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392 pages
Jamie has seeked space from people all her life and found a new workplace on an almost deserted planet.As the story starts we make the acquaintance of Jamie Allenby as she awakens from illness to find herself quite alone.But their dream will pit them against those desperately clinging to the old ways.
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The Space Between the Stars: Corlett, Anne: 9780399585111

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She meets others seeking Earth, and their ill-matched group will travel across space to achieve their dream. Querzeit I might have made a good go at this and suffered through to the end if there was any k I tried. Vivir la Santa Misa I loved how her character, although experiencing many injustices, was able to be kind and empathetic towards others even if they were cruel towards her. This SF reader is in resonant bits.

Not wanting to give away spoilers... Shadowrun: Blind Magic (Shadowrun Novella, #4) There is a lot of eschatological table talk and a twisted thriller ending. Frontiersmen: Civil War 2 Still, there are some cool twists. Starting with what I liked, the writing itself is quite good in this debut novel.

I rarely love character driven books and this one was no exception but I did enjoy reading about more mature characters for a change. Entfesselt / Dirty Little Secrets Bd.3 Hardly a tear is shed by any character for the untold billions of humans who have died at the hands of a virus, but Jamie sheds plenty of tears for her own bewilderment and loneliness, constantly complaining about the shortcomings of people in her life (as we the readers discover little by little that the people who she seems to have hurt by were by and large lovely people). Schwarzer Engel / Colomba Caselli und Dante Torre Bd.2 The times you want to tear open your skin and let the other person climb inside. She obsesses endlessly over her miscarriage.