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Dragons of a Fallen Sun

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Some are still alive who remember the triumph of good at the conclusion of the war of the Lance.The familiar characters that return in this book are not the same ones we remember from before (especially Palin).Dragons, much larger and more malicious than any native to Krynn, appeared and claimed much of the continent of Ansalon, calling themselves Dragon Overlords.
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Their cousins, the Silvanesti, have banished their heir, Silvanoshei, his mother, and his father.But I would advise against reading this book, and would instead entreat you to read some of their other good works, among those being Soulforge, a book in the new (I think) raistlin chronicles. Voller Hingabe / Diamonds for Love Bd.1 The metallic dragons have disappeared.With the gods gone, the time period, fittingly, is known as the "Age of Mortals" as said by Fizban in chapter 32 ( title: Rain. Passage to Dawn This book, which I just finished, was exactly what I was hoping for as a return to the original Dragonlance series.The city of Sanction is retaken by the Solamnic Knights, and the old gods return to the world. In this fifth age, the occupants of Krynn find themselves without magic power for their Gods have abandoned them in order to save them.The world of Krynn became a very different place with the disappearance of the gods.