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Den Vikens hingegeben

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44 pages
This is the 8th book in the Interstellar Brides series by Grace Goodwin.Feeling she has gone from one nightmare to another the brave Sophia escapes.
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Den Vikens hingegeben - ebook (ePub) - Grace Goodwin

Den Vikens hingegeben: 7: Goodwin, Grace: Amazon.nl

Goodness, just reading this story was powerful. Der begrabene Riese There always seems to be a happy one, a sad one and an extra. Die Axt der Amazonen The three Kings have now requested that the warriors assigned to protect the royal family mate using the interstellar bride program.This one was a little different from the previous books in this series. Die Entscheidung ist leicht und Sophia ist schockiert zu erfahren, dass sie nicht einem, sondern drei Viken-Kriegern zugeteilt ist.

Sophia was stuck in a no-win situation so she was eager to sign up as a bride and begin a (hopefully) happier life. Der Nachtmanager They have seen her dossier and viewed her picture. Sturz aus den Wolken Bad guys get resolved way too easily, in just a short amount of time, I wish there were more sub-assassins sent after them, then finally they finish off the top-guy.Mated to the Vikens is pure alien romance smut. The mob took you into their claws and ruined your life.

I liked that the heroine was in danger and the heroes were concerned about her before ever meeting her. Der Attentäter: Science Fiction Kurzgeschichte Das Schicksal zwingt sie jedoch, einen Deal mit der organisierten Kriminalitat einzugehen. Girlhood It is part of the wonderful Interstellar Brides series with Warden Egara.Each Viken was different: one dark and brooding, another playful and calming, another in between the two quiet but intense as well, together making a powerful trio for the taking! Exactly like every other book in this series BUT...