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We are told in varying terms that it might be atrox ex re (or facto) from its extreme nature, or ex persona, the person insulted being one to whom special respect was due (e.An iniuria to a wife gave an action not only to her but to her husband.
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Unter diesem Namen ist sie die Schutzpatronin der Seeleute und symbolisiert den rettenden Stern, der die Richtung weist. Unbearable Lightness Whichever way the matter was tried, condemnation involved infamia.Oftmals sogar anstelle des eigenen Namens. Jumped In As it had nothing to do with property the damages were measured according to the position of the parties, and the grossness of the outrage.Phoebus ist ein Beiname Apollons, des Gottes der Heilkunst. Maro ist der Beiname des Dichters Vergil.Si felicitas esset in delectationibus corporis, boves felices diceremus, cum inveniant orobum ad comedendum.

Der Name des Herrn sei gepriesen von nun an bis in Ewigkeit. Zehn sehr böse Geschichten Stat pro ratione voluntas.Segen wird zum Fluch, Wohltat zur Plage. The Travels of Scout Shannon Books 1-6 Somit kamen sie alle durch, der komplette Wurf...Die subsumierte Tat wird, wenn kein anderer Vergleich zustande kommt, mit der Talion geahndet. But the view that the two remedies existed side by side is also held.Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Patres Albi PA, franz. Chaos Staatsmotto des US-Bundesstaats Missouri Salus publica suprema lex.Bisweilen auch mit Lesart Nasones als letztem Wort zitiert (nach dem Beinamen Ovids). Manne Forschtrat For verberatio or submitting to torture, without justification, an action lay without proof of intent to insult the master.It did not pass on alienation of the slave. In later law an extraordinarium indicium for punishment was always available as an alternative, which would be used where the defendant was without means, and was evidently sometimes used in other cases of extreme insult.Si fueris alibi, vivito sicut ibi!