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Children and the Internet

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Finally, make sure that your child knows that all of the rules you set concerning internet use apply to all computer use, not just on the computer at home.On the one hand, time spent online is time not spent elsewhere, including participating in social activities and communicating with family and friends.
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Children and the internet: a parent's guide | Technology

With that said, having so many websites to choose from can be dangerous.Sometimes children get the weirdest of ideas about what they want to do or buy. Wolfsrudel / BattleTech Legenden Bd.16 Internet Safety Rules to Establish with Your Children If your child has made contact, intentionally or unintentionally, with an older person online, has any personal information been exchanged? The Paper Moon More than nine in ten children aged 8-15 have had conversations with parents or teachers about being safe online, and would tell someone if they saw something they found worrying or nasty. Restate all rules that you have for your child and instruct them to start following them right away.

Just make sure that you, as the parent, take steps to help and protect your child.Moreover, increased internet use results in depression and isolation. My Dad is a Loser (The Barry Loser Series) These basics may include learning how to type, how to turn on a computer, how to use a computer mouse, and so forth. Fools Assassin (Fitz and the Fool, Book 1) A good understanding of computer and internet use can better enable you to protect your child. Like media that have preceded it (e.

A nation online: How Americans are expanding their use of the Internet.Speaking of the internet, additional online safety tools for parents can be purchased online as well. Root of the Sacred Tree At this stage adults help their children to become familiar with the new environment. Dunkelschwester Recall that Internet use was primarily Web use, not e-mail use or use of other communication tools. Online Scams Education is key in preventing online scam issues, so be sure to let your children know what the signs are.