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Diarys of Death

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Pepys could empathize and also yearn to out-perform those with whom he empathized.He likely wrote for posterity, but he also seemed to write with a maxim in mind: If it was true, he would say it.
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13 Important Deaths In "Vampire Diaries"

They are also associated with several of the major drug lords and monopolies.After Elena broke up with Damon, he went on a killing spree with Enzo and ended up killing poor innocent Aaron. Engines of Destiny She also learns that she can no longer be healed by vampire blood, which likely means she also cannot ever be turned into a vampire again.His forthcoming novel Meatheads Say the Realest Things will be published by Tailwinds. Frauen und Bücher I loved Stefan but Enzo had finally gotten his wish to live happily ever after with Bonnie.She was last seen in Graduation as a ghost. What was a pandemic to all, became something endemic to him, both spread and containment at once.Damon ended up staking her to look like a hero to the humans of Mystic Falls.