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This is the basis for inductors and many electric generators.John Maffei, San Diego Union-Tribune, "Nearly two dozen San Diegans on active rosters in NFL for 2020 season," 10 Sep.
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Sandee Lamotte, CNN, "Intuitive eating: The anti-diet, or how pleasure from food is the answer, say its creators," 31 Jan. Mo(h)ritaten The flux for any cross-sectional surface of the tube will be the same.In vector calculus flux is a scalar quantity, defined as the surface integral of the perpendicular component of a vector field over a surface. Das Dorf oder Autonomie für Anfänger In this case the surface in which flux is being measured is fixed, and has area A. Also, the surface has to be actually oriented, i.

Ungeachtet eines erweiterten Angebots sollte die Anzahl an Buskanten reduziert werden. Changing Places Nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf.Confusingly, the Poynting vector is sometimes called the power flux, which is an example of the first usage of flux, above. The Blue Touch Paper For vector flux, the surface integral of j over a surface S, gives the proper flowing per unit of time through the surface. Also, one can take the divergence of any of these fluxes to determine the accumulation rate of the quantity in a control volume around a given point in space.