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Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse

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However, Monk has a plan.His long suffering companion Natalie Teeger and his former police partner Captain Leland Stottlemeyer take the brunt of his eccentricities but they manfully, and womanfully, retain their friendship and admiration for Monk despite the frustrations that he piles upon them.Monk e Natalie parlano con Dumas.
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Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse (Mr. Monk, #1) by Lee Goldberg

Mr. Monk Goes To The Firehouse by Goldberg, Lee - Amazon.ae

Stottlemeyer and Natalie confront Breen in his penthouse office, while Monk remains in the lobby.On the sink there was a bar of soap still in its wrapper, a brand-new toothbrush enclosed in plastic, and a fresh tube of toothpaste. Auf einmal war es Weihnachten As they are passing one office building, a homeless man asks for spare change, and Monk gives him several packages of wipes instead.In the living room, Monk picks up a scorched bottle on a table and notes that it smells of rum, and he remembers that his attacker reeked of rum. Secret Sins - Stärker als das Schicksal I live near San Francisco, and even I was thinking: "give it a rest, dude. Jackman Drew Powell as Eddie Murdoch Art Evans as Rusty Jim Piddock as Jake Colbert Rocky McMurray as Captain Stockton Lauren Mary Kim as Stefanie Preston Christopher Hoffman as First Detective Eddie Goines as First Fireman Shana Stein as Shana Chris Krauser as Fireman with Dalmatian Adrian Monk temporarily moves in with his reluctant assistant, Natalie Teeger, while his home is being fumigated.She tries to use examples of people who did great things while blind, like Mr.