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Not only do you learn a lot about Haring himself, but about the time period that he lived in through his political and social engagements.The more I learn about his life the more and more respect I gain for him.Fast forward a year and Haring has made the leap of moving to New York City and is attending the School of Visual Arts.
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Might he have surpassed Picasso or Warhol? Sarojini Naidu In: Dieter Buchhart (Hrsg.I spent chunks of reading this crying. Miss Minotaurus I sat at the small table pouring over the journals and knew I had to order it when I got back to the states.Simon and Schuster, New York, 1991). Es folgte eine Reihe weiterer Arbeiten zu dem Thema, darunter Bilder und Subway Drawings.I was discussing with Seiko how much the fundamental difference between people here and in the West had so much to do with religion.