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The Captain is Out to Lunch

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But what is cool is how much writing he continued to do right before he died - and maintained the same cynical and absurd behaviours that he even hated in himself.Seems their only act is violence.
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The Captain is Out to Lunch: Charles Bukowski

The Captain is Out to Lunch: Charles Bukowski, Robert

In the evenings, he writes on his computer which he loves. Leibnitz Bukowski, I must say, is a lot like comfort food. Funny Fantasy (Unidentified Funny Objects) Bukowski with his blunt writing, witness and candid expression just unique and amazing.He attends what appears to be a huge rock concert (U2, I think, although he never names the band) for his wife but gets drunk and wants to get the hell out of the after-party. This is Bukowski at his toughest.Writing was the love of his life.

The best reader and the best human is the one who rewards me with his or her absence. Das deutsche Europa I belong here, like this. Die Entführung / Die Legende der Wächter Bd.1 I enjoyed having access, at least to some degree, to his interior processes, especially those which related to his outlook on writing.He is pretty rich. So, this is me picking up a Bukowski after almost two years.Thinking the guy was some long ago intellectual.

Something clicked in my brain. Mord am Schützensamstag Must we continue to live with this drab and ponderous species? Personal Effects I am too idiotic to figure out any other place to go...This one, written in journal form, leads us through a year or so of his later life... He is pretty rich.Perhaps my favorite quote came in the final chapter: "Why are there so few interesting people?