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The Year of the Flood

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Toby is an Eve.By turns dark, tender, violent, thoughtful, and uneasily hilarious, The Year of the Flood is Atwood at her most brilliant and inventive.
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The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood | Book review

Not only are you shake-down-able, potentially threatening, and edible to the surviving crazies with nothing left to lose and absolutely no laws or fearful penalties or even mores governing their actions whatsoever, you are also, ummm, do I use a euphemism here? BattleTech Legends: Warrior: En Garde (The Warrior Trilogy, Book One) He survives not only one, but several campaigns into the arena and when not creating mayhem for other people he continues to hunt for Toby.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ ORYX AND CRAKE FIRST. A Rare Interest in Corpses (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 1) Cite this page While the majority of the world sinks down, quickly adjusting to the new rules, the minority starts seeking salvation.Amanda- A friend of Ren who is described as being fearless and headstrong. Through luck, more than skill, both Toby and Ren survive the outbreak.I feel like a group not unlike these could exist one day.