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Just Importing Issue

2020.12.05 05:41 MickTheRus Just Importing Issue

I wan't Lidarr to import thumbnails and lyric files. I enabled the feature and wrote in this "srt,png,jpg" still doesn't copy, anyone know how to fix this?
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2020.12.05 05:41 DiegoGA31 ❤️

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2020.12.05 05:41 Key-Personality-7475 New dress makeup done!

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2020.12.05 05:41 sdzlss I Feel Lost... Please Pray for Me

I stopped going to school after Fall 2017 because I felt stress and depressed. Lost my funding due to poor grades, completely my fault. But I came back and I wanted to graduate. Reenrolled Spring 2019, but haven’t been in school since then. That’s NOT what I wanted. I prayed and prayed to God to make a way or guide me to the way to continue to pay for school for Summer and Fall 2019 semesters. But no way was made. I cried and cried because my classes were expunged, I didn’t continue school after Spring 2019 and although it is not a competition to see who graduate faster, I should have walked across the stage and got my degree last year. I cant afford student loans and I specifically asked God to show me a way where school can be paid for without loans. Like I said, did not happened. Why didn’t God bless me? I prayed for something good and beneficial. But God is never wrong. I just re enrolled in school again for Spring 2021 and I’m a bit depressed because I shouldn’t be in this position, my opinion. Why do you think God may have delayed or maybe deny my prayer at the time? I’m no bad person at all. I pray, I tithed, I do good deeds not for publicity but because I know God loves it and it brings me comfort. I just don’t understand why. My faith is huge, even though it didn’t go my way, I’m still a believer. I just wish He answered my prayers last year when I wanted to continue school that is all. But I’m back in school now, I’m pregnant, and I just want my degree. Please pray for me. I definitely want to set up a bright future for not only myself, but for my daughter now. I hope I graduate Spring 2021 tbh, have the school clear me of some classes so I can just easily get my degree. I feel I deserve it. But I put in so much work. I went through abuse while I was in school, I’m no longer in that place, thank God. I just want what’s best for me. I’m always putting others first, it’s time I put me first and think about me too. Thank you all for listening. Stay blessed everyone.
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2020.12.05 05:41 Bludblud12 ERD Feedback (Freelancing platform)

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2020.12.05 05:41 NeutralRoute Update on toilet overflow problem.

So, uh, it works now? I think. I don't really know. I made a post on this situation earlier in this sub.
I'm pretty sure we got it to unclog, toilet float's still broken though. Thing is, it flushes normally and doesn't overflow anymore, even with the water valve turned on. It does look like water is constantly being emptied into the bowl, but it isn't rising past a certain amount, and again, it still flushes. Is there something I should do, or just leave it alone until I can get someone to look at it for me.
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2020.12.05 05:41 Prior-Citron Abomasnow raid in 5.

Adding first 5 4807 8917 7211
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2020.12.05 05:41 bankheist34 Fuzzyness in the background

Hey everyone, I'm trying to do make some "how to" videos... What's up with i guess the "grain" in the background?
I shot with the 4K mod on the insta360 oneR and exported at 4K UHD.
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2020.12.05 05:41 4lph Do any of you guys know the name of the species of this tree?

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2020.12.05 05:41 The-last-prince Dropped phone cracked screen not working

Yesterday I dropped my iPhone XR and it only fell about 2 1/2 feet. I had a thick case and a screen protector on it but the bottom right corner cracked. Now my touchscreen isn’t working at all, I’ve tried to force restart it but it didn’t do anything. Is their anything I can do on my own or do I have to take it to the store?
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2020.12.05 05:41 ajcass14 ITAP-Fuzzy Seeds

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2020.12.05 05:41 CommodoreBlair89 CR2032 batteries, which to get?

There are a million of them on Amazon. I don't know which to pick?
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2020.12.05 05:41 kaiba98 Gentle Palmistry - Cruel World Cruel Me [Dance/Electronic]

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2020.12.05 05:41 pureluck2210 Moon over Hudson

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2020.12.05 05:41 Mattmagic061986 Phaseflare getting stuck on a fence

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2020.12.05 05:41 Sonia341 [COMICS EXCERPT] Preview: Future State: Swamp Thing #1 [UNLETTERED]

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2020.12.05 05:41 NamiRue171 Like godammit I wanted some reassurence not a suicide pact--

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2020.12.05 05:41 MaleficentStress7816 What powers can be made with the theme 'Fate' at the center?

Hi guys, I am writing a novel and one of the major themes in it is if fate is predetermined or in the hands of humans. There are also several characters who have superpowers revolving around Fate, individual or others. Can you guys recommend me some, be as wild as you can ?
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2020.12.05 05:41 MX-Unknowen Parthfinder be like

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2020.12.05 05:41 betaPoltergeist mildly cherub

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2020.12.05 05:41 notevenfire [NeedAdvice] I can't stop going on my phone or distracting myself. its like i am addicted.

while I am at work I can't stop going on my phone or distracting myself from work. ill be in the middle of the task and i find myself reaching for my phone. I waste anywhere from 1-2 hours a day just mindlessly scrolling through reddit, ive already seen everything, its like i am just looking for a distraction!
i have narrowed it down to 3 things: 1) I am procrastinating to get out of doing a task 2) i am trying to limit the amount of time to do a task so i dont have to do as much 3) i want to put off the work
heck its not even work, i am trying to teach myself coding, something ive wanted to do my whole life, i still find that itch to grab my phone. its compulsive, its like an addiction.
i cant really just leave my phone in my car as i need it for work. what can i do? i have tried locking down my phone (through screen time in ios) but i just find myself turn it off.
i can get so much more done, or be done sooner in the day, both things i want, but i can't compel myself to do it. i could be reading more, learning how to code, getting more work done, but i just can't.
what can i do? has anybody been through this before?
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2020.12.05 05:41 idpqd Multiboxing issue

This is more a question that a issue. I have encountered a guy doing multiboxing (5 different character moving the same in a very especific path) and I reported one of them because I know blizzard is banning people for that. My question is, will they know all the account that were multiboxing with the guy I reported?
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2020.12.05 05:41 jertova What makes a true fan

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2020.12.05 05:41 Ro-WanAce Extra random characters loading in? Mods and load order question

So I recently re-downloaded divinity original sin 2 (DE) and I decided to add some more mods to the roster to spice it up, now I’ve never had issues before I added the new mods and now whenever I start a new game I have 4 random characters and an error message saying load order may be invalid and it can’t make a working story, my load order (which is a LOT I like making this game crazy) is Helaene- shared library, Josh More Points, Level Up Equipment Potion, Party Size Evolved, VeryFastMages_DE, Dragon Knight DE, Helaene-Valkyrie class (DE), Adaptive lizards (DE), auto identify (DE), mini memory buff, relocated fort joy respec mirror, source on board the lady vengeance, Helaene - cryomancer class (DE), odincore + all odinblade overhauls, astronomer class (DE), better clouds (DE), Helaene- succubus class (DE), wyldfae class (de). The new mods are the last three plus the necromancer overhaul, specter class, and umbra class. If anyone knows how I can fix the load order or if I should uninstall them all and reinstall please let me know thanks
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2020.12.05 05:41 Jabaggs WYR be friends with Victoria Justice or be friends with Miranda Cosgrove

If you don’t know who they are then just look them up
View Poll
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